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Hunter Cichy's Advanced Concepts In No-Limit Hold’em Is Now Available

New Poker Strategy Book Available From D&B Poker


Hunter Cichy’s brand new guide to no-limit hold’em is now available. An extract on Double Barreling from the book is available below. You can get your copy from D&B Poker publishing.

Pro tip: You should almost always fire a second barrel if you pick up equity.

$5-$10 no-limit hold’em: Hero raises to $30. The big blind calls.

Don’t worry about getting check-raised off a draw. That happens so infrequently that it shouldn’t even be a part of your thought process. Very few players actively seek to check-raise turns. As a result, you can follow through on the turn with impunity.

Villain checks. Hero bets $30. Villain calls.

Hero has a big range advantage on this flop. He has A-A, A-K, K-K, and K-7 suited. Villain usually doesn’t have these combos because he would have three-bet the first three and folded K-7 suited. Hero should continuation-bet at a high frequen­cy to put pressure on Villain’s weak Broadway hands, suited connectors that didn’t hit the flop, and small pocket pairs.

Hero should focus on continuation-betting with hands that have backdoor equity. As always, there are 47 unseen turn cards. Six of them give Hero a pair with decent showdown value. Of the rest, 22 of them give Hero a draw. It’s good to start thinking a couple moves ahead.

Here is a turn card that gives Hero equity and allows him to represent more value hands. This is a great spot to continue barreling.

Villain checks. Hero bets $60. Villain folds.

It’s easy to see that he can generate more than 9 pecent fold equity. Vil­lain has plenty of weak pairs for Hero to target: 10-10 – 8-8, 6-6 – 3-3, 8-7 suited and 7-6 suited.

Villain will often fold the turn to avoid a very difficult river decision. ♠