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Hachem Joins World Poker Association Board

WPA Plans Large Membership Drive This Summer


Joe Hachem, the 2005 World Series of Poker champion, has joined the board of the World Poker Association.

Hachem will also serve as the board's secretary and will be the main face of the organization whose goal is "to promote professionalism in poker worldwide that supports the highest standards of ethical conduct in tournament poker activities."

Hachem will be the front man in a membership drive that's going to take place during this year's WSOP. He will be manning a booth during the gaming expo at the WSOP and invites everyone to stop by.

"I want to help the World Poker Association grow its membership," Hachem said, "and that means I will be manning the booth from time to time and so will many of my fellow professional players. If you want autographs, if you want to talk poker with me and other top-notch professionals, come visit us at the World Poker Association booth. It will give you a chance to join the only organization with a clear priority of promoting professionalism in poker, and pick up some poker tips, too."

The WPA's board includes players Wendeen Eolis, Chris Bigler, Lou Krieger, and Marcel Luske. The organization, which was founded the same year Hachem won his title, has close to 900 members.



15 years ago

i would be very concerned with any association that tryed to force it s morals or ethics on a myself or any poker player/

rules exsist in any tourney that are and should be determined by the casino puting it on/ they have this right

promoting professionalism what does that mean exactly?????

in my oppion sounds like they want to be the governing body of poker and apply the will of a few elite players and others who i dont know.

the old saying is if its not broke dont fix it.