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Dan Bilzerian Claims That 'Women Can't Play Poker'

Instagram Celeb Trolls Tens Of Thousands Of Poker Players


Dan Bilzerian lived up to his infamous internet reputation this week when he insulted literally every woman who plays poker.

Ahead of an anticipated $10,000 heads-up no-limit hold’em grudge match between poker pros Cate Hall and Mike Dentale to settle their twitter feud, Bilzerian decided to chime in on Sunday. He apparently doesn’t like Hall’s chances in the match, which is slated to take place within the next few weeks at a casino in Philadelphia.

Bilzerian, a frequent competitor in high-stakes cash games, told Hall, who has about $900,000 in lifetime tournament earnings, that “women can’t play poker.”

Bilzerian’s comment led to a slew of tweets from people looking to bet on Hall in a match against Bilzerian. It doesn’t appear such a game is even under consideration by the Instagram celebrity.

The “women can’t play poker” tweet drew a response from world-class poker pro Liv Boeree, who needled Bilzerian about his own poker game. Many in poker don’t have a lot of respect for it. Bilzerian told Card Player late last year that he had lost a few million playing poker in 2016.