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FantasyDraft To Help Reimburse FantasyAces Account Balances

Leading DFS Site To Compensate Players Effected


FantasyDraft has entered into an agreement with the FantasyAces bankruptcy trustee to obtain player account and balance information in order to help reimburse missing FantasyAces player funds.

Through this agreement, FantasyDraft has committed to reimburse FantasyAces players up to $1,000 in cash to cover missing account balances. This makes 99.6 percent of the players whole. To help those with larger balances, FantasyDraft is also going to offer the following:

For players with a FantasyAces cash account balance between $1,000–$5,000, FantasyDraft will provide $1,000 cash plus the remaining balance in fantasy cash up to $4,000 ($5,000 total).

For players with a FantasyAces cash balance greater than $5,000, FantasyDraft will provide $1,000, plus $4,000 fantasy cash and a pending bonus for the remainder of your balance. The pending bonus is earned at a rate of four percent for each $1 in entry fees paid in USD, and is paid as fantasy cash.

Upon court approval, FantasyDraft will provide additional details on how FantasyAces players can claim their funds on FantasyDraft.

FantasyDraft is committed to being a responsible citizen of the DFS community. That means that funds will always be segregated and protected. FantasyDraft is licensed or registered in all states that have passed DFS regulation and are compliant in each.

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