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11 Arrested In South Carolina Poker Game Raid

State Continues Stance Against Poker For Money


Eleven poker players in Lexington County, South Carolina are in trouble with the law after police raided their underground game Thursday, according to a report from

The police seized $32,000 in the players’ money. Edward Brown, 51, was accused of being the organizer of the games. The other players were arrested for being there. Drugs were allegedly found in the commercial property. The report didn’t say what kind of store the game was in.

Authorities found out about the game after receiving a tip. It’s not known if it was from someone who had played in the game.

One reader of article summed up the raid: “Is this really what you’re spending our tax dollars on? What a bunch of BS. Embarrassing.”

Playing poker for money is illegal in South Carolina, according to a state Supreme Court ruling from 2012. A law dating back to the year 1802 makes poker for money against the law.

One South Carolina Supreme Court justice said at the time that the anti-poker game law is “hopelessly outdated.” South Carolina allows the lottery.



over 5 years ago

I miss America!


over 5 years ago

From when? Pre-1802, before the law was written? Those were a halcyon 16 years, I bet.


over 5 years ago

And thats why its safer to play online


over 5 years ago

Seems like the same old same old, the State wants it's cut/ rake.

Now, since they do not even provide the option of goving the State it's cut, they fail on two levels; Logic and Economics...


almost 5 years ago

You can't do anything in South Carolina.

And they wonder why people are leaving in droves.