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Poker Hand of the Week: 3/25/16

You Decide What's The Best Play


Give us your opinion in the comments section below for your chance at winning a six-month Card Player magazine digital subscription.

Ask any group of poker players how you played your hand and they’ll come up with dozens of different opinions. That’s just the nature of the game.

Each week, Card Player will select a hand from the high-stakes, big buy-in poker world, break it down and show that there’s more than one way to get the job done.

Correction: Blinds are 600-1,200 with a 200 ante

The Scenario

You are playing in a $3,500 buy-in live poker tournament that drew 409 entrants. Only about 140 players remain, putting you almost 100 spots from the money. The blinds are 600-1,200 with a 200 ante, meaning your stack of 80,000 is worth 66 big blinds.

An accomplished poker pro raises to 3,000 from early position and is called by a laggy player in middle position. It folds around to you in the big blind and you look down at QClub SuitJClub Suit.

You make the call and the flop comes down ASpade SuitKClub SuitJSpade Suit. You check, and your two opponents check behind. The turn is the 7Club Suit, giving you a pair, flush draw and gutshot straight draw.

You bet 2,000 and the original preflop raiser decides to raise to 10,000. The middle position player folds. There is now 23,400 in the pot.

The Questions

Do you call, raise or fold? What would make you fold in this spot? If raising, how much? If calling, what is your plan for the river? Will you bet if you make your hand? Will you go for a check raise? Can you assign a range of hands to your opponent, given his line?

What Actually Happened

At the 2016 WPT Rolling Thunder main event, a player opted to just call a raise with his QClub SuitJClub Suit on a board of ASpade SuitKClub SuitJSpade Suit7Club Suit.

The river was the 5Club Suit, giving him a flush, and the player bet 15,000. Jonathan Little, who was the preflop raiser, just called on the river with 7Heart Suit7Diamond Suit, having turned a set of sevens.

Little failed to make the money in the event, but the eventual winner was Harrison Gimbel, who took home the title and the $275,112 first-place prize.

What would you have done and why? Let us know in the comments section below and try not to be results oriented. The best answer will receive a six-month Card Player magazine digital subscription.



over 1 year ago

Easy call, too many outs, price is too good, and stack will be healthy 40+ BB if we miss. Assuming we are playing to win the tourney and not playing to min cash.

My biggest question is how the "accomplished pro poker player" opened the pot pre-flop for a smaller-than-legal raise (800 - 1,600 and he raised to 3,000). Just because his name is "Little" doesn't mean his raises get special treatment!


over 1 year ago

hero pre flop play
Call. (best play is 3bet squeeze play) mistake #1 not accumulating chips
Flop play
Hero has 34% equity
Hero checks. ( best play is lead out with a bet of 62% of pot and if raised shove all-in)
Villains check
Turn play
Hero has 36% equity
Hero bets 20% of pot(bet size too small mistake #2)
Villain #1 raises (90%of pot)
Villain #2 folds
Hero pot odds are 25%(8000 to win 23400)
Hero calls (best play is shove all-in)mistake#3
River play
Hero has the nuts
Hero bets (50%of pot)(best bet size is bet pot)#mistake #4
Villian#1 calls

Classic poker hand weak (sheep) player makes 4 mistakes and wins

Villain #1 was doomed the sheep (hero) would call him down no matter what that what (call)sheep do


over 1 year ago

you and your response is laughable.....and whats even more funny is a fish calling someone else a sheep.


over 1 year ago

The Questions

Do you call, raise or fold? I call because given Villain's raise size and flop check I put Villain on being strong, 77 most likely holding with some possibility of slow playing a big flop but that would be unusual given the scary board texture (i.e. I would not expect Villain to give a free card with a flopped set or top 2, or even AQ or AJ with two other players in the hand).

What would make you fold in this spot? An even larger bet would make me fold, such as a shove or at least 34,000 total bet by Villain, or had middle player shoved and had at least enough chips to where Villain could re-raise if I called.

If raising, how much? I would not raise because my read is Villain is strong, but if I did raise it would be to $40,000 and then I would be pot committed to calling a shove. I think this is a bad play because 66-75% of the time you are going to get knocked out of the tournament - there is rarely any real fold equity. Had Villain bet the flop it would be a different story.

If calling, what is your plan for the river? To check/fold unless making the flush or straight, or trips. If making less than the nuts (but improving to a straight with a spade, or making trips), I would bet half pot on river and then consider folding to a shove. If making the nuts I would bet half pot and of course shove any raise.

Will you bet if you make your hand? Yes, every time, as I don't want it to go check-check and miss out on collecting value/implied odds. Again, I put Villain on a strong holding (but less than the nuts as raising early position with Q-10 is not a likely holding).

Will you go for a check raise? No. It is not likely to extract any extra value and is more likely to not get any value or get less than a half pot bet that is called even if Villain value-bets with a worse hand.

Can you assign a range of hands to your opponent, given his line? Without first ready the actual result I actually put Villain on exactly 77. I would assign that specific hand at least 50% of the hand value ranges. Other hands could be AA, KK, JJ or AK, or a semi-bluff such as QQ or TT. The range is very tight in this spot, in my opinion (all but TT have my hand beat on the turn, and only the semi-bluff hands would fold to a three-bet on the turn given my stack and Villains stack).


over 1 year ago

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