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Burglar Caught After He Leaves His Casino Player's Card At Crime Scene

Mississippi Man Given Eight Years In Prison


A man from Biloxi, Mississippi ran bad when his casino player’s card helped put him behind bars.

According to, Edward Parker Eldridge, 61, was given eight years Thursday for a 2014 burglary where he decided it was a good idea to make himself at home by eating the victim’s food and drinking his wine. The homeowner discovered the mess when he got home.

Though Eldridge was long gone, the homeowner found Eldridge’s casino player’s card left behind. With the identity of the suspect, police were later able to arrest him.

Eldridge was wearing the homeowner’s shirt when police found him 10 days later, the report said. It took a jury less than a hour to convict Eldridge, who has a long criminal history.

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