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'Teen Wolf' Actor Sues Casino Over Assault

Cody Saintgnue Was Accused Of Underpaying His Nightclub Bill


An actor on MTV’s hit show Teen Wolf is suing The Mirage and 1 OAK Nightclub after a celebration of his 21st birthday in Las Vegas last year went awry.

Cody Saintgnue’s legal team filed an amended complaint late last month, the Las Vegas Review-Journal reported, that alleges Saintgnue was assaulted by staff after refusing to pay a nightclub bill. Saintgnue claims that he was duped into additional charges.

The actor and friends paid $717.36, but the nightclub said he owed another $1,000. That was later reduced to an additional $164.68. The lawsuit called this “an attempted shakedown, theft, and robbery of the plaintiff.”

The suit alleges that while being escorted out Saintgnue was attacked “with no less than six persons participating, and plaintiff’s head was banged repeatedly against a wall and plaintiff’s ribs were bruised, all while plaintiff was not fighting back.”

Employees of the casino and the nightclub were added to the suit.

Saintgnue has played Brett Talbot for 22 episodes of Teen Wolf.

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over 6 years ago

So it takes 6-7 guys to handle a skinny punk kid, that's ridiculous !! I hope he makes them pay a lot thru his lawsuit and shut that club down.