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Nevada Passes Skill-Based Slot Machine Rules

Arcade-Like Games Move Toward Debut This Year


Gaming regulators in the Silver State have set the regulations that will oversee the implementation of a bill that authorized new gambling machines that combine traditional slot play and video games. It will be the first time slot machines have a skill component to them.

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that the Nevada Gaming Commission was excited about the new rules at its meeting this month, as the state tries to cater to a younger generation of gamblers, which have been found to gamble less in favor of other casino offerings like nightclubs.

Slot machine manufacturers are hoping to have the new games on casino floors by the end of the year. State lawmakers approved a bill earlier this year for the new arcade-like games.

The legislation required the five-member Nevada Gaming Commission, with the assistance of the three-member Nevada Gaming Control Board, to “adopt regulations which encourage manufacturers to develop and deploy gaming devices, associated equipment and various gaming support systems that incorporate innovative, alternative and advanced technology.”

The Silver State has defined skill-based games, chance-based games and hybrid games.

Nevada’s gaming industry won a little more than $11 billion off of gamblers last year, but gaming revenue is still less than the more than $12.6 billion seen in 2006 and 2007. Slot revenue was roughly $6.7 billion in 2014, still down significantly from a record high of roughly $8.45 billion in 2007. The casino industry shed roughly 20,000 machines during the period.

Slot machines make up the bulk of Nevada gaming win.

Nevada’s move toward skill-based slots follows New Jersey’s efforts to bring betting on popular games like Words with Friends to Atlantic City. This spring, Atlantic City ran what is considered the nation’s first physical skill-based gambling contest put on by a licensed casino operator.

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