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Roy Winston and Michael Binger Team Up to Coach Poker

Company Oracle Poker Consulting to Provide Workshops and Training Courses


Roy WinstonProfessional poker players Roy Winston and Michael Binger have more than $7.9 million in tournament earning between the two of them, and they have both proven themselves as widely respected tournament professionals. Now, the two are bringing their collective poker talents to the masses with a poker consulting and training company.

The company — called Oracle Poker Consulting, after Winston’s nickname, “The Oracle” — will focus on player education through various workshops and private training courses. The two plan to roll out the player services as soon as this year’s World Series of Poker and they will train poker players of all skill levels, from novice to advanced.

Michael Binger “In almost every other sport or activity, be it team or individual, coaching is a large part of the performance-improvement process,” said Winston. “Whether we are working with a beginner or taking an already skilled player, working on improving their game is our mission. Today’s poker player has come a long way from the days of underground cardrooms, where the hustlers prayed on the inexperienced. Beyond the fundamentals, just one of the advanced concepts they teach is the ability to put your opponent on a narrow range of hands so you can beat them with a wide range of hands.”

Winston and Binger also recently teamed up to co-author a popular new feature in Card Player magazine called The Oracle’s Corner, wherein the two analyze the way another prominment player played a hand from different viewpoints (and the original player also responds to his play). Winston also has a frequently updated blog on

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