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Poker Pro Phil Gordon Gives Lessons For Charity

Multimillionaire and Philanthropist Donates More Than Just Money

A world traveler, poker player, and former host of Celebrity Poker; Phil Gordon is also famous for his philanthropy. ThePhil Gordon Charity Lessons Georgia Tech graduate, whose Netsys Technologies Company sold for over $90 million, has given more than money to several charities over the years. And now beneficiaries can tap into another one of Gordon's valuable resources; the "Tiltboy's" time and poker expertise.

Considered to be one of the more strategically gifted players, Gordon is also known for analyzing all aspects of the game and is considered a great reader of other players at the table. So it's no wonder that, when USC student Justin Fung's parents eyed a prize package titled "Private Poker Lessons With Phil Gordon" at the Cedar Sinai Charity Auction in Los Angeles last January, they outbid several other hopefuls and anted up for their son's elective education - poker.

On February 10, Fung and two other friends traveled to Las Vegas and checked in to the Bellagio Hotel Resort on the Las Vegas Strip. Later that evening, they joined Gordon at a private table inside the luxurious Caesars Palace poker room.

"Overall, I didn't know what to expect, because he is a celebrity," said Fung, "but he's a really nice guy."

The 6-foot-5 prestigious poker professional greeted his star-struck pupils with a handshake and a smile. "The presence of him at the table was just shocking," said Fung.

Gordon came equipped with his own version of Poker's Cliff's notes, and spent the next two hours fast-tracking his pupilsPhil Gordon Donates Poker Lessons at Caesars for Charity into learning the basics of the game. The three students sat around the felt, sipping Coronas, listening to a polished presentation, while absorbing Gordon's knowledge on topics such as positioning, posturing, and how to read an opponent. During a break, the class immersed itself into the live arena of the Caesars poker room. There, the students were able to apply their knowledge by identifying other players' possible tells. The second hour of instruction focused on configuring percentages and pot odds, along with lessons on strategic betting. Gordon wrapped things up with a few rounds of $1-$2 no-limit Texas hold'em.

"He opened up my eyes to a lot of things," said Fung. "He's got a great presentation and he's very organized."

Gordon is a member of Team Full Tilt and a full time representative of Full Tilt Poker.


almost 15 years ago

This man has true class, and is one of the brightest stars in the poker sky. This holds true with most of the Pro's we have in our community, great people doing great things for others with needs.Thats Poker!