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Florida Couple Wakes Up In Garbage Truck After Drunken Night At Casino

Too Many Drinks Result In Terrifying Morning For Gamblers


One word: Florida.

A couple spent Tuesday night drinking heavily at Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Tampa and decided to sleep in a dumpster nearby, according to

On Wednesday morning a garbage truck came by and the driver emptied the dumpster containing the couple into the back of the truck. He reportedly heard screaming and pulled over. He discovered that two people—Donald Jordan, 37, and Lisa Spirella, 49— were in the truck.

The garbage truck driver apparently couldn’t get them out on his own, so paramedics were called and they helped rescue the couple. They were taken to the hospital. It’s unclear at this time what their injuries are, but they appear non-life threatening.

The incident comes just several days after a Fort Lauderdale man allegedly stabbed a friend over a $5 gambling debt. Neither story is unusual by Sunshine State standards.



almost 8 years ago

nothing quite like an evening drinking fire water, going broke, getting bounced out of the casino and taking refuge in refuse!