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Judge Awards Sands $2M In Lawsuit Over Online Gambling Sites Infringing On Firm's Trademarks

Casino Giant Had Trademark Used By Illicit Gambling Sites


A federal judge has ruled that infringers of Las Vegas Sands Corp.‘s trademarks who used the company’s likeness to promote Internet gambling sites catering to gamblers in Asia must pay the company $2 million, according to Courthouse News Service.

There’s one problem: No one knows who the infringers are at the moment.

Sands, the largest casino developer in the world in terms of gaming revenue, has casinos in Las Vegas, Macau and Singapore.

In June, Sands sought help from the courts against registrants of 35 websites that it says tried to use its trademarks to lure gamblers into engaging in illicit betting.

Sands is vehemently opposed to online gaming proliferation in the United States.

From the report: Sands says the websites “falsely affiliate themselves with the Las Vegas Sands Corp. to lure prospective gamblers to overseas online casinos” and “to advertise, promote, and provide online casino services and gambling services.”

The sites Sands was concerned about offered keno, blackjack, poker, among other games.

Here’s a look at the judge’s decision:

Sands Ruling