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Gus Hansen Says He Probably Tilts Harder Than Anyone In The Poker World

Danish Poker Player Explains His $20.7 Million In Online Losses


High-stakes poker player Gus Hansen has been on a historic downswing playing Internet poker. He’s down more than $20.7 million lifetime on the Full Tilt software, thanks in part to dropping $5.8 million last year, according to data from HighstakesDB.

Hansen, who has been taking some time off from online poker (he hasn’t played a single hand on Full Tilt this year), recently talked with Danish poker outlet Pokernyhederne and said that he has been performing really poorly on the web thanks to his “tilt factor” being “about the worst in the world.” (We’ll assume he means among his high-stakes peers).

He added that his “stubbornness” is also about the worst for any poker player around. Though, clearly, stubbornness and tilt go hand-in-hand.

He admitted that his poor results have shown that he has been surpassed in the online realm by other players, and that he’s willing to move down to $25-$50 if that’s what he needs to do in order to revamp his no-limit hold’em and pot-limit Omaha skills.

A commitment to playing lower stakes would be a big deal, he says, because he thinks that his game selection (picking who to play and when) might have been the worst in poker history.

Despite the fact that Hansen is stubborn while playing poker on the Internet, he has always shown, perhaps paradoxically, to be honest with himself about the leaks in his game.

Hansen is nowhere close to quitting poker. In addition to planning on returning to online poker eventually, Hansen has plans to play live poker tournaments in 2015, events that he has attended sparingly lately. He is still one of the most successful tournament players of all-time.

During his break from poker, Hansen reportedly has invested in a new technology for competitive bridge, another card game that Hansen is considered world-class at.



over 7 years ago

Video is useless unless you can speak dutch.


over 7 years ago

Used CC (Closed Caption) for english subtitles....


over 7 years ago

One of the most successful tournament players of all time? Are you kidding me? Not even close. I would say he most likely has not made a lot of money on tournaments over his lifetime. Sure, he has $9 million in tournament winnings, but $1mil of that is a $400,000 buy in event and another $1mil is a $250,000 buyin event. A lot of his 6 figure scores are 75K, 100K, 25K buyins. How many of these large buy-in events did he not make the money and lose the entire buy-in? There are so many more successful tournament players out there. His aggro donk style may have worked 10 years ago, but not against the many intelligent players that have long passed him by in the games. I doubt he can even come close to beating any of the online games down to 2/4 NLHE and PLO. He will still get crushed at $25/$50.


over 7 years ago

How does he lose that long and still get his hands on that much money ?