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Ryan Reynolds Starring In New Film Involving High-Stakes Tournament Poker

'Mississippi Grind' To Debut At Sundance This Year


According to Entertainment Weekly, actor Ryan Reynolds is starring in a new film involving poker, called Mississippi Grind, that will likely hit U.S. theaters sometime this year.

Reynolds plays a nomadic poker player who teams up with a character played by Ben Mendelsohn to “hit the road together to try to make a high-stakes poker tournament in New Orleans,” as the EW report phrased it.

Gerry, the character played by Mendelsohn, is apparently a degenerate gambler and looks to the younger Curtis (Reynolds’ character) for help to turn his luck around at the casinos.

The movie was written and directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck.

“It’s very much a character piece,” Fleck reportedly said about the project. “[Both characters] have different agendas. Gerry wants to win his money and change his life and pay off his debts. Curtis’ motivations are a lot more mysterious. We don’t know why he’s going on this journey till it reveals itself later on in the movie.”

According to IMDB, Jake Gyllenhaal was originally cast in the lead role but he dropped out due to scheduling conflicts. Reynolds replaced him.

Mississippi Grind will debut at the Sundance Film Festival, which begins this week.

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