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Jamie Gold Is the Guest on The Circuit Tonight

The 'Donk Line' Is Now Open at


Tonight's guest on's radio show The Circuit is World Series of Poker main event champion Jamie Gold.

Those with questions for the champ should dial the "Donk Line" at 877-675-1306. Questions can also be emailed to Question will be collected up until broadcast time.

David Singer also returns to The Circuit tonight, along with guest cohost Jon Friedberg.

Click here to visit the archive of past shows and to listen to tonight's show.



over 15 years ago

Are there any websites or literature that you can suggest to learn the psychology behind the game? Im speaking of indirect communication with your opponent such as, what to say or movements to/or not to make while involved in a hand when you want to portray weakness or strength.


over 15 years ago

Just google! Then take your pick.