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Online Poker: Check Out This Interesting Ivey Hand

Phil Ivey Gets The Better Of Alex Kostritsyn In This Oddly Played Pot


Poker pros Phil Ivey and Alex Kostritsyn had quite the heads-up battle last week, as seven of their pots were above $100,000, two of which were well above $230,000.

Even though it wasn’t their largest in the hundreds of hands they played against one another, the two had a pretty interesting hand of $200-$400 no-limit hold’em that shows just how much leveling was going on in their match. It probably could have been much larger than $162,400, but it’s hard to question the play of either.

Here’s a look at the hand:

Kostritsyn ($148,000) held the 7Club Suit 4Club Suit, while Ivey ($150,000) held the KClub Suit QClub Suit. Kostritsyn had the button and made it $800. Ivey wasn’t content with calling the min-raise and three-bet to $2,800, and the Russian called to see a flop with his suited connectors.

The flop fell KHeart Suit 6Club Suit 5Club Suit, giving both players huge hands. Ivey had top pair with a king-high flush draw, while Kostritsyn had an open-ended straight-flush draw. According to the hold’em odds calculator, Ivey’s hand holds up about 68 percent of the time.

Ivey bet $4,000, and Kostritsyn made it $12,000. Ivey just called.

The turn was the QHeart Suit, giving Ivey top two pair.

Ivey checked, and Kostritsyn bet $22,400. Ivey check-raised to $62,400, and Kostritsyn called.

The river brought the 6Heart Suit, and Ivey checked, fearing a possible full house or flush. Kostritsyn fired $4,000 into a pot worth more than $150,000. Ivey obviously called and turned over the winner.

Was Kostritsyn’s odd $4,000 bet designed to get a busted (club) flush draw to fold?

Or was it a misclick?

Ivey ended the past week up $156,000 after vicious swings in his match against Kostritsyn. The Russian lost nearly $40,000 overall after playing Ivey and others.

Ivey is still down more than $2.3 million on 2014.

Hand and all figures via HighstakesDB.



over 7 years ago

This is a terrible bluff or a mis-click that should've been 40k not 4k. As it stands it's a terrible suck-bet bluff. It probably folds exactly JcTc. Even AcTc calls because ace-high beats other busted draws.