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Heartland Poker Tour Start 2007 at Hooters Today

Feeders to This Weekend's Championship Event Run Around the Clock


The Heartland Poker Tour kicks off its 2007 season today at Hooters Casino in Las Vegas with feeders to its $2,650 championship event that starts Sunday.

Single-table feeders to one of the four $550 supersatellites that take place Friday and Saturday have been running since this morning. The HPT prides itself on providing affordable ways into its tournaments so that as many amateur players as possible can have an exciting poker experience, and this event is no different.

Single-table satellites cost either $65 or $125. Both are limited to nine players. The $65 satellite awards one seat to the $550 qualifier; the $125 satellite awards two. They will be running around the clock until it gets close to the 5 p.m. start time of the last $550 supersatellite on Saturday.

As a bonus, the entire buy-in of the single-table satellites goes into the prize pool.

"They're going to be jamming all day and all night," says Todd Anderson, one of the founders of the HPT.

The $550 supersatellites take place both Friday and Saturday at 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. on each day. In these, 20 percent of the field advances to the championship event on Sunday. With 10,000 starting chips players also get a ton of play for their $550. Players must register at least a half-hour before the start time.

In the $2,650 event, players start with $15,000 chips.

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