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WATCH: Poker Pro Gets Revenge Deep In Main Event

Kyle Keranen Busts Arch Nemesis Curtis Rystadt


Last week, we showed you a video in which amateur poker player Curtis Rystadt taunted poker pro Kyle Keranen after the former cracked the latter’s aces in a decent-sized pot on the fifth day of play of the 2014 World Series of Poker main event.

Many within the poker community expressed a lot of hate online for Rystadt’s behavior.

This week, we bring you the video that shows Keranen getting the last laugh against his aggressive opponent. The two had been playing together for an entire day before Keranen finally witnessed Rystadt sort of have a meltdown in a hand.

In poker, it really pays to be patient against lesser-skilled opponents.

In the hand, Keranen moved all-in on the river with the nut flush and Rystadt tanked for quite some time before making the call with two pair, kings and fours. What hurt for Rystadt was that at one point he verbally said that he thought his opponent had the nut flush. The problem was that he thought just a pair of kings was also in Keranen’s range.

The irony is that earlier on day 5 Rystadt said he was going to “stack” Keranen.

Rystadt was knocked out in 100th place for roughly $52,000, while Keranen eventually exited poker’s most prestigious in 24th for a payday of nearly $287,000.

Watch the video above by clicking on the image. (The good stuff begins at 15:45)

The final table of the WSOP main event plays out next month in Las Vegas.