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Paris' Most Famous Gambling Club Raided By Police

Dozen Arrested In Bust That Police Say Involves Money Laundering


A more than 100-year-old gambling club in Paris was raided by police Tuesday morning over misconduct, including alleged money laundering, according to

A translation of the report said:

“The circle is suspected of clandestine work, breach of trust and money laundering by organized gangs.”

A dozen people were arrested and are in custody.

The Aviation Club de France is widely regarded as one of France’s most legendary poker rooms.

“Among those arrested include employees and former employees, but also a figure of the Corsican politics: Marcel Francisci,” the report said.

The main games reportedly played at the Aviation club are baccarat, poker and backgammon.

2014 WSOP Hall of Fame nominee Bruno Fitoussi (not accused of any involvement in the Aviation Club de France bust) introduced Texas hold’em to France in 1995 at the club.

This is a developing story. Check back later for more details.