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New Jersey Gambling Sites Win $10.5 Million In May

Figure Marks A Nearly Eight-Percent Decrease From April


Online gambling revenue in New Jersey took another tumble.

Atlantic City online gambling operators collected $10.5 million from online gamblers during May, down from $11.4 million in April. March saw $11.9 million.

Of the $10.5 million, around $2.3 million came from web poker, down from $2.6 million in April.

It is worth noting that the World Series of Poker, which attracts thousands of poker players from across the country, started on May 27 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The March-to-April drop was the first month-to-month decline for online gambling in the Garden State. New Jersey online gaming began in November.

The state report also said that revenue from brick-and-mortar play fell 8.2 percent to $232.4 million, compared to May 2013. Atlantic City has been slumping for years.

There were 351,136 online gambling accounts in New Jersey as of May 31.



almost 8 years ago

This should be no surprise. The player pool needs to be opened up. I playED online in NJ and most of the time I was playing against the same nitty azz players. Push to get other states to legalize. There are simply just not enough players. Nice to see it legalized but that turned out to be half the battle. Open up the base and you'll see revenues inccrease 10 folds. And, add more games for goodness sake. The novelty of No Limit Holdem is wearing off. Mix games and PLO will be the preferred games. Just a matter of time.