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Daniel Quach Wins World Poker Challenge Event 9

Bellagio Five Diamond WPC Preliminary Events Winding Up


Daniel QuachThe cast of characters headed into day 2 of the 2006 World Poker Classic $3,000 no limit hold'em event 7 wasJason Lester eclectic, to say the least. Raj Sawant, Daniel Quach, WSOP bracelet winner Jason Lester, Robert Nehorayan, Jason Berilgen, Patrick Madden, poker's little darling Erica Schoenberg, Bill Gustafik, Card Player COO Jeff Shulman, and poker author Charlie "Scotty Warbucks" Shoten made for an interesting line-up.

First one out was Bill Bustafik, who went home with $10,590, followed by Robert Nehorayan in ninth place with $14,120 and Schoenberg sent Shoten to the rail in eighth place with $17,650. Sawant eliminated Berilgen in seventh place, taking home $22,060. Lester annihilated Shulman's stack when his K-Q offsuit trumped Shulman's pocket fives, leaving him with a chip and a chair. Shulman played one last hand before going home in sixth place with $30,885. Quach, with A-K, beat Shoenberg's pocket kings, and the poker princess went home in fifth place with $39,710. After doubling up through Lester, Sawant gave it all up to Quach, going away in fouth place with $52,925. That hand gave Quach a monster lead going into three-way action.
Erica Schoenberg
Jeff ShulmanLester and Madden were about even with $350,000 in tournament chips, but Quach had muscled up with over a million more. The players took a short break and when they returned, Lester came out swinging. On the first hand after the break, he doubled up through Quach to about $750,000.

Fifteen minutes later Lester opened the betting on the button and Quach moved all in. Lester called with Aspade Kdiamond. Quach was coming in with Kspade Jheart. Quach paired on the flop of Qclub Qheart Jdiamond. The 6diamond and 4spade on the turn and river didn't help Lester and he went home in third place with $92,655. It was heads up between Quach with $1,552,000 and Madden with $320,000.

Though it wasn't a fair fight, Madden doubled up a few times and sparred with Quach for nearly 30 minutes.
Patrick Madden
Madden limped in on the button and Quach called. They both checked the flop of Kdiamond 4diamond 3spade. Daniel Quach WinsQuach checked the turn to Madden who bet $60,000. Quach raised him $140,000 and Madden moved all in. Quach called and turned over Kclub Qspade. Madden had Kspade 5spade. The river was a blank and Daniel Quach won the hand and the tournament.

Pat Madden went out in second place with $185,310.

Daniel Quach won the bracelet, $325,525, and a $25,000 seat into the World Poker Tour Championship in April 2007.