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CPTV Video Spotlight -- Grayson Ramage On Keeping Cool After Getting Short Early

Poker Pro Gives Advice On Playing Your Best After Getting Crippled In A Poker Tournament


Grayson RamageAt the end of day 1A of the 2014 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure $10,000,000 guaranteed main event Dylan Hortin was the chip leader with 160,500. Grayson Ramage had only 12,100.
Hortin finished 96th for $20,300, while Ramage placed 11th for $112,400. This isn’t meant to imply that one of these two fantastic professionals played better than the other, simply to illustrate that poker tournaments are marathons, not sprints.

Many people lose sight of this. If they get short stacked early on they try to force the action with the hopes of rebuilding their stack right then. This results in them punting off their stack, wasting the value of their tournament life.

Ramage, who has been a successful live and online tournament player for years, certainly had to run good after getting so short. But he also used his experience and skill, remaining patient and looking for the best spots to try to reassemble a stack.

Card Player TV caught up with Ramage to talk to him about the importance of keeping your cool in this situation.

“It’s really easy to kind of just give up when you lose a huge pot, but your tournament life is just huge and you are always going to regret it if you just pitz those last few chips,” said Ramage.

Check out the full video below: