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Gurre Wins Poker Stars Sunday Million Tournament

Rizen Lands a Final Table Seat at Bodog and TiltyZ Takes Down the FullTilt $350K Guarantee

PokerStars Sunday Million Final Table 12-03-2006

Both PokerStars and FullTilt lagged a bit this weekend compared to last weekend. The sites' big tournaments failed to break attendance records as they have been so apt to do lately. The missing players were most likely due to the big UltimateBet Online Championships tournament on Sunday (read about it here). However, while attendance was down, both tournaments still drew respectable crowds and easily trounced their posted guarantees. Bodog's $100,000 guarantee also made a splash when Internet pro Eric "Rizen" Lynch snagged a final table seat.

PokerStars Sunday Million

The Sunday Million tournament at PokerStars was back to its $200 buy-in and lured 6,687 players, generating a $1,337,400 prize pool. The winner of the tournament stood to rake in a massive $187,236 payday. Internet pro Josh "foshio" Klerhr made it deep into the tournament, eventually busting out in 14th ($5,483).

Chip counts were all over the spectrum entering the final table. Br1an2k5 sat as the big stack with $16.7 million, while Mr_BigCheese brought up the rear at $2.5 million. The remaining stacks were scattered in between. It was one of those "in between" stacked players who was the first to go just two minutes in. Freeradical2 called all in preflop against zio_slim after some aggressive raising and reraising. Zio_slim showed pocket tens while freeradical2 had Aheart Kclub. Neither player improved and freeradical2 left the table in ninth ($10,967).

Phwap was the next to go when he reraised all in preflop against br1an2k5. Br1an2k5 called and showed pocket eights while Phwap held Kclub Jclub for a coin-flip hand. However, the flip didn't go his way as Br1an2k5's eights held up to eliminate him in eighth with $16,851.

Axabaxa was no stranger to the Sunday Million final table. He's made two previous cashes in the event over the past year, finishing in seventh both times. As if an omen, Axabaxa would finish seventh again at this final table. Axabaxa went all in preflop and was called by PhilEatsPoo, who showed Aclub Kspade. Axabaxa was well behind with Aheart 6club as the flop came 10heart 8spade 8club. The 2club and the Jdiamond came on the turn and river and PhilEatsPoo's king kicker was enough to put Axabaxa out in a third seventh ($22,736).

Less than 10 minutes later, Dgizzard would bid the table adieu. Gurre raised to $1 million preflop with the big blind at $400,000 and PhilEatsPoo reraised up to $2.4 million. Dgizzard called and Gurre folded. The flop came Kspade 9club 4diamond and PhilEatsPoo shot out a bet of $4.4 million, enough to put Dgizzard all in. Dgizzard called all in and showed Adiamond 8club while PhilEatsPoo revealed pocket queens for the lead. The turn was another queen to leave Dgizzard drawing dead. Dgizzard took home $28,888 for his sixth-place finish.

PhilEatsPoo didn't have long to enjoy his new chips, as he was the next to go. In less than 15 minutes after Dgizzard's elimination, PhilEatsPoo's stack shrank from $16 million to $5 million. PhilEatsPoo pushed all in preflop and was called by br1an2k5. PhilEatsPoo turned over Jheart 9diamond and was up against br1an2k5's dominating Kdiamond Jdiamond. The flop was bad news for PhillEatsPoo when it brought two diamonds towards br1an2k5's flush and the turn sealed the deal with a king, leaving PhilEatsPoo drawing dead. PhilEatsPoo earned $35,842 for fifth place.

Mr_BigCheese was in second during four-way play but Gurre would knock him down a few pegs in a big hand. After calling Gurre's preflop raise, Mr_BigCheese checked a flop of Kdiamond Qheart 10heart. Gurre put out a pot-sized bet of $2.4 million and Mr_BigCheese went all in for $16.8 million, having Gurre covered by $5 million. Gurre called and showed Kspade Qclub for two pair while Mr_BigCheese flipped up pocket aces and was behind. The turn was another king to give Gurre a full house and the river failed to bring Mr_BigCheese the ace he needed.

Now left relatively crippled, Mr_BigCheese pushed all in preflop just three minutes later. Gurre called and showed Jdiamond 4heart and was against Mr_BigCheese's Aspade 5diamond. The flop was great news for Gurre when he paired both his holecards and a 5 on the river wasn't enough to keep Mr_BigCheese alive. Mr_BigCheese cashed out in fourth for $45,338.

With three players left, the stacks were fairly close at $25 million (br1an2k5), $22 million (Gurre), and $19.5 million (zio_slim). It wasn't long before third place was decided. Br1an2k5 raised preflop and zio_slim reraised all in for over 10 times more. Br1an2k5 called and flipped up pocket tens. Zio_slim was in trouble with pocket eights and the board only managed to pair itself, leaving br1an2k5 in the lead to take down the pot. Zio_slim pocketed $58,177 for his third-place finish.

Br1an2k5 now had $42 million compared to Gurre's $25 million. The tournament was then paused when the final two players expressed interest in discussing a chop. The by-the-chips chop numbers were given and, once both players decided they wanted more than the chip chop offered, the discussion was ceased and play resumed. Heads-up play lasted 20 minutes, over which time the two players' stacks flip-flopped numerous times.

Gurre had the chip advantage going into the final hand. Gurre min-raised to $1.6 million preflop and br1an2k5 called. The flop came 8spade 4club 3diamond and both players checked. The turn was the 10diamond and br1an2k5 checked. Gurre bet $1.6 million and br1an2k5 called to see the 3heart on the river. Br1an2k5 again checked and Gurre bet $4.8 million. Br1an2k5 raised up to $9.6 million, leaving himself with $11.6 million behind. Gurre bet enough to put him the rest of the way in and br1an2k5 asked "U sure?" before saying, "Too much in there" and calling. Br1an2k5 turned up 9club 8diamond for two pair, eights and threes while Gurre revealed pocket threes for quad threes. Br1an2k5 went out in second ($93,217) against Gurre's huge hand. Gurre raked in a massive $187,236 for his win in the event.

The final standings were:

1) Gurre - $187,236
2) br1an2k5 - $93,216.78
3) zio_slim - $58,176.90
4) Mr_BigCheese - $45,337.86
5) PhilEatsPoo - $35,842.32
6) Dgizzard - $28,887.84
7) Axabaxa - $22,735.80
8) Phwap - $16,851.24
9) freeradical2 - $10,966.68

FullTilt $350,000 Guarantee

Like PokerStars, FullTilt was lagging a bit on attendance. Of course, lagging for FullTilt and PokerStars simply means they didn't break last week's record. A still-impressive 2,187 players bought in for $200 to build the prize pool to $437,400.

Jwiggles came to the final table with a slight chip lead over colenel decker in second and TiltyZ in third, but he was far from safe. All but one player at the table was one double-up from the chip lead and it was anyone's game. Despite the relatively even playing field, the three top players entering the table were also the last three standing. Starting three-way play, TiltyZ had amassed a huge lead with $4.2 million versus colenel decker in second with $1.4 million. JWiggles actually had a little less than he started the table with, at $970,000.

TiltyZ further increased his stack when he took out colonel decker in the first hand of three-way play. In a battle of the blinds, colenel decker limped in the small blind and TiltyZ raised to $320,000, four times the big blind. Colenel decker pushed all in for $1.4 million total and TiltyZ called and showed Adiamond Qclub. Colenel decker was in bad shape with 7club 5club. The flop paired colenel decker's 5 but the turn was a queen for TiltyZ to regain the lead and ultimately wipe out colenel decker in third ($32,368).

TiltyZ now had a more than 5-1 lead over JWiggles and it was only three minutes until the final hand. JWiggles pushed all in preflop and TiltyZ called and showed pocket threes. JWiggles had Qheart 10heart and needed to improve. The board completely missed JWiggles and he cashed in in second ($49,426). TiltyZ walked away with $80,482 for his victory in the event.

The final standings were:

1) TiltyZ - $80,481.60
2) JWiggles - $49,426.20
3) colenel decker - $32,367.60
4) jefflasvegas - $25,806.60
5) e2202 - $19,683
6) shahro - $14,084.28
7) Backstaber - $10,278.90
8) Studpokerman - $8,091.90
9) catchmy2outer - $6,123.60

Bodog $100,000 Guarantee

Attendance at the Bodog $100,000 guaranteed tournament held steady once again this Sunday when 954 players put down their $100 buy-in to gun for a piece of the prize. The number of entrants meant Bodog was 46 players shy of the 1,000 players needed to avoid an overlay, resulting in Bodog forking over $4,600 to match its guarantee.

Internet pro Eric "Rizen" Lynch managed to squeak into the final table as the short stack. Rizen made a move within the first three minutes, which was expected considering the big blind was more than a tenth of his stack. He pushed in preflop with Jspade 10club and was called by GnatButter with Adiamond Jclub. While Rizen did hit a 10 on the flop, that 10 came along with a king and a queen to give GnatButter a straight. Rizen cashed in $1,550 for ninth place.

LDizasta came into the final table as the chip leader and badblood1 wasn't too far behind in second. Both players ran into a few snags along the way, but LDizasta rebuilt his stack and it surged to a massive $1.4 million during four-way play. The next closest player, A__theKevlar__2 had just $430,000.

LDizasta and badblood1 cleared away the other players until it was heads up between the two. LDizasta now had $1.9 million compared to badblood1's $470,000. Badblood1 turned the tide in just two minutes with two preflop all-ins. In the first, he had 9-5 versus LDizasta's Q-10 and he hit a 9 on the flop and in the second he had A-2 against LDizasta's A-K and flopped a 2 to take it down. Badblood1 now had $1.5 million and LDizasta had $785,000.

LDizasta pushed his chips in preflop in the very next hand and badblood1 called and showed Aheart Jspade. LDizasta was dominated with Jheart 9club. Both players paired their non-ace cards on the flop but badblood1 held the lead to the end to eliminate LDizasta in second ($14,000). Badblood1 took home $25,000 for his first place finish.

The final standings were:

1) badblood1 - $25,000
2) LDizasta - $14,000
3) Phoummareth - $9,000
4) A__theKevlar__2 - $6,500
5) GnatButter - $5,400
6) BRK916 - $4,400
7) tjd29cu - $3,400
8) Reggie Gomez - $2,400
9) Rizen - $1,550

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