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Jay Farber Says He Is Buying A House, Ferrari And Aston Martin With His Poker Winnings

Poker Player Going To Use Chunk Of Score To Treat Himself


Las Vegas nightclub promoter Jay Farber finished second in the World Series of Poker main event last week, capturing a massive pre-tax sum of $5,174,357.

Farber apparently was making good money at his night job prior to the giant score, but now will be purchasing a house (unclear how expensive), a Ferrari and an Aston Martin, he told TMZ.

Before wading through the 6,352-player field, Farber didn’t have a single major tournament result to his name. On paper, he was the least experienced at the final table, but thanks to solid play, and some great cards, he was able to finish very high.

Farber wasn’t the only player at the table to garner some attention in the main event aftermath. Ryan Riess, who won the event and took home $8,361,570, recently received some love from Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson. Riess wore the athlete’s jersey during the final table.

It’s worth noting that it’s unclear if either player had a staking deal or sold or swapped any of their action for the WSOP main event, either from the beginning or for the final table. It’s also unclear if they cut any sort of heads-up deal, which is a common occurrence in the poker world.

Thus, few will know exactly what their respective bankrolls looked like after the final table.

Riess told Card Player before the final table that he has had a problem dropping lots of money in the pit, and that he would be avoiding such games after the final table.

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over 7 years ago

Sean Deeb definitly had a piece of farber. He had mentioned it in an interview.


over 7 years ago

i thought deals were in violation of wsop rules


over 7 years ago

Deals are standard at the WSOP. I don't believe it is a violation of any rules, BUT since they don't sanction the deals, they won't split the money or anything. The players must trust each other to execute the agreed upon deal, without any WSOP involvement.


over 7 years ago

All about showing off in Las Vegas. Unhealthy lifestyle. Someone with a brain.....This would provide them security and peace of mind. But it is a free country and to each his own.


over 7 years ago

Another DONK made second in WSOP main event? Aiiiyya


7 years ago

Dude ran very well to get to where he finished, and had the nerve to say the winner ran like God and always had the best hand. No self awareness. I wish him luck maintaining what he thinks is important in life with his new found winnings>


over 4 years ago

Farber is/was/will always be a douche. He luckboxes his way to 5 milly and then spends it like a poor white trash lottery winner. After taxes, how far does he think that money is going to go? He has just enough left to keep himself on steroids