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Noah Schwartz Thinks Jay Farber Should Get 'AA' Or '' Tattoo

Poker Pro Needles Main Event Runner-Up About Deep Run


Las Vegas nightclub promoter Jay Farber obviously played really well to navigate through a huge field and finish second in the World Series of Poker main event this week, but at least one poker professional wanted to needle him about how well he ran to get there.

During the November Nine final table, Noah Schwartz Tweeted at Farber:

Farber had eliminated Marc-Etienne McLaughlin in sixth after McLaughlin ran his pocket kings into Farber’s pocket aces. The pot was worth around 77 million chips.

Schwartz, who finished 52nd in the main event, actually played a massive six million-chip pot with Farber on the sixth day of play where Farber held aces when Schwartz held kings.

The comment from Schwartz might appear a bit spiteful, but a bit later he Tweeted congratulations to both Farber and Ryan Riess, who went on to win the title