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Cash Game Strategy With Live At The Bike

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Card Player is excited to announce a partnership with the Bicycle Casino and Live at the Bike, the industry’s leading live cash game webcast. will host the live cash game streams for all Live at the Bike webcasts (every Tuesday and Friday, 7:30-10:30 p.m. PST) and also partner with Live at the Bike for special programming.

To celebrate the partnership, Card Player will be bringing you the cash game hand of the week, featured from a past episode of Live at the Bike.

Here’s a look at this week’s hand.

The Details

Game: $5-$10 no-limit hold’em

Ray raised to $35 with 3Diamond Suit3Spade Suit from under the gun +1 and Harry called from the button with 9Diamond Suit7Club Suit. Zach then raised to $145 with AHeart SuitASpade Suit from the small blind and both Ray and Harry called.

The flop fell JDiamond SuitJSpade Suit8Diamond Suit and Zach fired out a continuation bet of $275. Ray folded and raised to $700 with his gutshot straight draw. Zach called and the turn was the 9Spade Suit.

Zach checked and Harry bet $1,100. After about a minute in the tank, Zach folded.

The Questions

What do you think of Harry’s line and semi-bluff? Do you think Zach was correct to err on the side of caution given the board texture? Do you like Harry’s flop raise sizing? What about his bet sizing on the turn given how much each player had behind? What hand was he trying to represent to Zach? Should Zach have played his aces more aggressively on the flop?

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almost 9 years ago

lol at every folding AA in that spot. Especially considering how ridiculously loose these players are from these LIVE at the Bike videos


almost 9 years ago

people like you go broke. Whining about how much money you lose with aces. With the board texture and action. He could of easily had A jack in his hand, a medium pair like 88 or 99 or if really loose even a QT, What hand can Zack truly beat in that spot except for a pure bluff. Though it was incorrect, it was still a Professional lay down.

ya amateur