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Woman Stiffed On $1-Million Casino Jackpot

Beverly Mackey Is Suing To Get Her Money From Promotions Firm


A woman who won a $1-million prize in a promotion at an Oregon tribal casino is suing the firm who insured it for stiffing her on her seven-figure payout, according to KGW.

In 2012, Beverly Mackey, who currently lives off of disability and social security payments and a small pension, hit the grand prize in the Chinook Winds Casino’s “Swipe, Play & Win" promotion.

To her devastation, the insurer of the contest, Nevada-based Odds On Promotions, reportedly refused to pay, claiming that it had made a terrible blunder. It said a company technician put the odds of a $1-million prize far too low. In other words, that the hit was illegitimate.

The casino where the promotion was run is joining Mackey in the lawsuit against Odds Ons.

“I think they’re wrong,” Mackey told KGW. “They’re absolutely dead wrong and I think they need to live up to their contract with the casino. I think they need to live up to their promise to me.”

Here’s the way the deal between Chinook Winds and Odds On reportedly worked: For $20,000, Chinook Winds paid Odds On to use the game and advertise a $1-million prize without being responsible for the money if it was hit. Odds On managed the game’s odds and hoped someone wouldn’t hit the grand prize it was potentially on the hook for.

In addition to seeking her prize money, in the form of a $50,000 annuity, Mackey wants at least $20,000 for pain and suffering caused by the whole ordeal. She reportedly has had heart surgery and suffers from diabetes. She also claims that it has been damaging to her reputation.

The casino reportedly paid Mackey $50,000 even though it wasn’t contractually obligated to, presumably because it felt so bad for her. Though, the casino is seeking that $50,000, plus the $20,000 fee, from Odds On in the joint lawsuit.

Odds On says on its website that it has awarded more than $45 million in cash and prizes since 1991. It has insured groups such as the PGA, Toyota and American Express.

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over 7 years ago

never a good thing when the casino joins the person to sue the company that didn't pay up.


7 years ago

This is the 5th or so Million Dollar Prize claim denied by Hole in One International and its sister Company Odds On Promotions. What screw ups





5.) Plus they Hole in One International Odds on Promotions have about 30-50 of these foul ups all over the Internet