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Poker Tournament to Take Place at Cannes

Celebrity Tourney May Award $60 Million to Charity


At the next Cannes Film Festival, some stars will be doing more than lying in the sunshine and walking the red carpets at their movie premieres. No, at least 10 of them will face off around a poker table to see who will win the most for the charity of their choice.

In what promoters are calling the Game of the Century, 10 celebrities will sit down and play for a chance to win as much as $60 million for the charity of their choice. At least $1 million will be given away to charity during the poker event that will mark 60 years of the Cannes Film Festival.

The $60 million will be given away if one of the players hits a royal flush in hearts.

Since the odds of that happening are in the same ballpark as getting hit by lightning, players will probably end up taking home a piece of the $1 million that sponsors are putting up.

The winner of the tournament receives $500,000; second, $175,000; third, $100,000; fourth, $75,000; fifth, $50,000, sixth, $30,000; seventh, $25,000; eighth, $20,000; ninth, $15,000; tenth, $10,000.

Producers will film the event using eight cameras for TV broadcast and sale. A DVD of the event will be available for Christmas, 2007.

The producers plan on releasing the names of the participants by the end of this year.