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Spain Could Lose 'Eurovegas' Project If It Doesn't Relax On Anti-Smoking Laws

Sheldon Adelson Likely To Back If Exemption Isn't Made


There reportedly is some serious concern about whether the massive “Eurovegas” development project that U.S. casino boss Sheldon Adelson wants to bring to Spain will still happen.

Adelson wants there to be smoking at the strip of casinos — rumored to cost as much as $22 billion — but Spain has a strict anti-smoking law on the books, according to The Guardian.

Madrid’s regional President Ignacio González said: “We are running the serious risk that Eurovegas will end up elsewhere. If we’re not smart, we could lose it.”

A spokesperson for Spain’s ministry of health said: “The Madrid regional government wants an exception to the law [to allow people to smoke] but our concern is the health of our citizens. At the moment, there is no plan to change the law. But we are always open to dialogue.”

It was announced about a year ago that Adelson had picked Madrid for his newest casino project. It had come down between Madrid and Barcelona. Adelson said at the time:

“Barcelona is an outstanding tourism destination, and choosing Madrid over Barcelona was not an easy selection. The regional government of Madrid has been a strong advocate for this potential development, and we are appreciative of the energy they have brought to this process.”

Now, Adelson is hoping for that regional government to allow smoking at his possible casino.

There are reportedly still some questions about how the project would be financed.



over 4 years ago

This guy Adelson, well he is turning into another Donald Trump. And I am tired of his agenda.