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Facebook To Block Gambling Ads In Netherlands

However, Country To Open Up Online Gambling In Two Years


Online social media giant Facebook has agreed to put a hold on gambling advertisements on its site in the Netherlands, according to

According to a press release from the Dutch gaming authority:

“Facebook has stated in the Gaming Authority that they will comply with the Dutch law, which states that the promotion of illegal gambling is not allowed. Paul Tang, board member of the Gaming Authority, says that this is an important step in combating illegal and prevent the people and especially young people duped into participating in illegal gambling.” (Translation via Google Translate)

The gaming authority will tell Facebook which sites to block.

According to Dutch News, "This is an important step in combating illegal gambling and discouraging youngsters from taking up the habit, said spokesman Paul Tang. ‘Facebook is a low threshold social network with easy access to youngsters,’ he said. ‘By taking this step, the organisation is showing it takes its social responsibilities seriously.’

Last year, the Netherlands privatized its casino.

The government reportedly said it will open up the online gambling market in the country in two years. The country wants to regulate it. Facebook itself has plans for real-money gambling in the United Kingdom and perhaps elsewhere.

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