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New Hampshire Casino Gambling Bill Dead

House Decides Not To Bring Up Proposal For Full Vote


New Hampshire’s casino plans are apparently dead for this year.

On Wednesday, the State House elected to not bring the bill up to a full vote, after a committee recommended that the measure not pass. The vote was 199-164 against putting the bill up to an official vote. It could still be resurrected this year, but it’s not likely.

“It is disappointing to see the House of Representatives break from the New Hampshire tradition of open and thorough debate…,” the governor said in statement, according to CBS. “Without passing SB 152, the path will be more difficult, but the people of New Hampshire expect us to do difficult things.”

The bill didn’t have a lot of hope in the first place, however.

“What is surprising to me is that (the bill’s sponsors and writers) don’t learn,” Rep. David Hess, who has led the House fight against casinos, told the Concord Monitor. “There are the same defects and the same omissions year after year, despite the fact that we point this out in committee (discussions) and on the House floor.”

In an effort to keep pace with neighboring Massachusetts, the bill would have allowed 5,000 slot machines and 150 table games at an already existing gambling facility.

Opponents reportedly think that the number of casinos would never be limited to just one and thus are fearful of more brick-and-mortar properties.

The measure passed the Senate earlier this year.

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