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Emanuel, Quinn Apparently Agree That State Should Oversee Chicago Casino

Two Politicians Still Trying To Figure Out Possible Compromise


This week, more light was shed on the situation of a possible Las Vegas-style casino in Chicago, as Gov. Pat Quinn expressed his regulatory desires.

Quinn told the Chicago Sun-Times that “things don’t go so well when [Chicago] is running things, like Hired Trucks and Silver Shovels and a lot of other things. So it’s just common sense that the city should not be a regulatory authority on its gambling.”

The governor was referring to a couple of past scandals.

Quinn reportedly wants the state Gaming Board to have complete power over regulating the new casino, in addition to other gambling expansion plans that would accompany a casino in the Windy City. Chicago is home to 2.7 million people.

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel really wants a casino in his jurisdiction.

“As Governor Quinn knows very well, there is the potential for corruption at all levels of Government, which is why we agree that the Gaming Board should have maximum oversight over all gaming in Illinois,” the Mayor’s office told the Sun-Times.

Despite being in agreement on this one point, officials in the state haven’t yet reached any sort of deal with regards to how the tax revenue would be spent or how to make sure there’s no corruption, no matter who is overseeing it. Quinn said a previous bill he vetoed would have created “loopholes for mobsters.”

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