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Finn Wins Diamond Championship In Paris

Low Turn Out For €5,00- Buy In Diamond Championship At Euro Finals Of Poker


Courtesy of Aviation Club de FranceMarkus Ristola from Finland has won the Diamond Championship at the Euro Finals of Poker in the Aviation Club de France in Paris.

The €5,000 no-limit hold;em freezeout attracted just 42 runners, well down on the 109 who took part last year when the event was won by rap star Bruno “Kool Shen” Lopes.

Just five players were paid from the €223,250 prize pool. The final table payouts were:
1: Markus Ristola (Finland)— €85,000
2: Hauke Heseding (Germany) — €62,340
3: Michael Abecassis(France) — €40,185
4: Joni Joukimainen (Finland) — €22,325
5: Alexandre Amiel (France) — €13,400

The Euro Finals of Poker have been taking place since January 8 and the low turnout in a number of events would seem to corroborate evidence of a weak poker market in one of Europe’s biggest countries.