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World Series Of Poker Dealer Wants To Be Next President Of The United States

David Goossen Campaigns In Rhode Island For Write-In Votes


A dealer from this summer’s World Series of Poker wants to become the next president of the United States as a write-in candidate.

David Goossen, a nomadic 48-year-old, most closely aligns with the Libertarian Party, but he doesn’t want to be viewed as one of them.

He told Card Player that he’s the “do-nothing” candidate because of his limited-government views. He sees the “free market” as sort of sacred.

About a year ago, Goossen decided to run for the highest office in the land. So, he took his van, now converted into a mobile campaign billboard, to Rhode Island to drum up some write-in votes. It’s the only place where he’s trying to spread the word about his candidacy.

He picked the state because of its small population of about 1.05 million.

Most of his campaigning has been at local businesses.

“It’s an uphill battle,” he admits. “But, the people here in Rhode Island are receptive. The political system won’t change until a third party campaigns correctly. They never win a state.”

Goossen sees President Barack Obama and his Republican challenger Mitt Romney as many in the country do. “There’s no difference to them,” he said.

The final debate between the two current figure heads of their respective parties was on Tuesday night, and there was significant overlap on the topic of foreign policy.

Goossen said he wants to live in a country where there’s freedom, both for individuals and groups — including businesses. However, he doesn’t like the idea of big money infiltrating democracy. He personally won’t accept campaign donations.

With ties to the game of poker, Goossen wants the online version legal nationwide for Americans. Despite the intricate ways different organizations and firms are positioning themselves for possible control over the fledgling industry, legalization isn’t complicated in his eyes. People should have freedom to spend their money how they see fit, he argues.

“For the United States to not want a piece of [online poker] — shame on them,” he said of how tax revenue could be generated from the industry.

When he’s not dealing cards or trying to win the White House?

“I travel around the country selling shirts and dresses,” Goossen said. “I book state fairs and festivals around the country. I buy; I whole sell. I have my own company.”

Goossen said he has been to nearly all the states. He doesn’t have a family.

“I found out a lot of years ago, once I started traveling around, that I had to make a decision whether I wanted to be free to go and do what I want, or do I want to be into the relationship, 9-5 job, let’s have a family,” he said.

Even though Goossen has never played poker professionally, his lifestyle is similar to that of many who grind out an existence on the felt. For some, it’s the only kind of life they’ve ever really known. Goossen grew up traveling around the country in a motor home.

“I like going out and seeing the world, seeing America,” he said.

He doesn’t have anyone helping him financially, just “intellectually,” he said.

When he doesn’t replace Obama, Goossen said he might run for a less prestigious office. He said his next target down the road could be Nevada Sen. Harry Reid — one of online poker’s biggest advocates in Congress and author of legalization efforts.

So, the poker dealer might be involved with more than just games when he returns to the Silver State in the future.

“I’ll debate anybody,” he added. “That’s all it’s about. It’s about what they say and what I say, and letting the voters make their mind up.”

Despite the seriousness of his attempt at holding public office one day, the former stand-up comedian does find humor in what he’s doing. He’s able to make some broad jabs at the current way of things in the country.

“The only thing the government is efficient at is inefficiency,” he said.

Card Player became aware of Goossen thanks to a story by the Warwick Beacon.

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almost 10 years ago

A former poker dealer, turned carnie, turned politician, that lives in a trailer with no family... SOUNDS LIKE A BETTER CHOICE THAN WHAT WE HAVE NOW!