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Poker Video Spotlight -- Greg Mueller On Limit Hold'em Hand Selection

'FBT' Talks How How Hands Play In Limit Hold'Em


Greg Mueller is a two-time World Series of Poker gold bracelet winner, with both titles coming in limit hold’em events. The man known as “FBT” has compiled lifetime tournament earnings of more than $2.2 million, with his most recent score being a fifth-place finish in the 2012 WPT Legends of Poker.

In addition to years of tournament success, Mueller has also been a regular fixture in high-stakes mixed games.

Card Player TV caught up with Mueller to discuss how certain groups of hands play differently in limit hold’em than they do in no-limit hold’em, including implied odds hands and marginal aces. Check out the video below:

Card Player TV has been bringing you insight from the game’s top pros for years. As a result, a number of poker’s best players have given their take on the subject of limit hold’em. Here’s a look at some of those videos: