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Democratic Platform Omits References To Online Gambling

70-Page Document Does Not Mention Web Poker


President ObamaOne week after the Republican platform called for a prohibition of online gambling, the Democratic platform simply made no mention at all of the issue.

Tuesday marked the opening session of the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina, where party members supported the recently released platform titled Moving America Forward. The 70-page document is “a declaration of [Democrats] plan to move America forward over the next four years and beyond,” but makes no mention of online poker or online gaming of any kind.

Proponents of a federally licensed and regulated online poker industry are undoubtedly disappointed that the platform did not address the issue, but the official no comment is consistent with a White House statement last May that said that online gambling regulation is up to the individual state.

While the election campaign moves on, gaming companies in Nevada continue to apply for and be granted licenses to operate web poker in the state. Two weeks ago, the South Point Casino became the first applicant to be granted an intrastate online poker license by the Nevada Gaming Commission.