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Microgaming Teminates 5050 Poker Contract

Poker Network Shuts Door For 5050 Poker Return


Microgaming Poker Network has terminated its contract with online poker site 5050Poker.

The site, which was suspended from the Microgaming network just over 10 days ago, has accused the network of acting in an unethical manner.

However Microgaming has responded by shutting the door on the Swedish-based site saying, “…the Microgaming Poker Network regrets to announce that it has terminated its contract with 5050Poker Ltd, with immediate effect.
The decision was taken after giving 5050Poker Ltd over a week to redress a material breach of their contract, being the non-payment of monies owed to cure their overdrawn network clearing account.

“Although 5050Poker Limited was given the opportunity to rectify the breach so that the suspension could be lifted, they have failed to respond. As such the Microgaming Poker Network had no choice but to terminate the contract.”

5050poker has yet to respond to the latest turn of events but last week said it was investigating “the possibility of making financial demands on Microgaming corresponding to the damage caused to the 5050 Poker.”