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Microgaming Suspends 5050 Poker Site

Network Says 5050poker Breaches Contract, Site Says Its Winning Players Have Been Targeted


Hostilities have broken out between the Microgaming Poker Network and one of the sites on the network, 5050poker.

Microgaming, which is in the process of implementing a new recreational player-friendly environment and trying to move away from winning rakeback grinders, has suspended the site which has responded by saying it has been unfairly targeted.

Last Friday Microgaming issued a statement saying, “The Microgaming Poker Network regrets that it has suspended all game play with immediate effect on the poker room of 5050Poker Ltd, for a material breach of its contract.

“The directors of 5050Poker Ltd have been aware of the breach since 14 June 2012. Game play will be reinstated once the breach is satisfactorily rectified.”

In response 5050poker issed a statement saying, “Microgaming has with very short notice and in violation of former pretenses to the subsidiary unilaterally changed its network rules.

“Result is that our players are limited to being able to play at most two poker tables against the previous 10 tables. This rule affects primarily only a few gaming operators in the poker network and the company believes that the measure is yet another example of several discriminatory measures taken by Microgaming in order to get rid of unwanted gaming operators (whose players mostly belong to the category winning players).

“We know that most of our players tend to play more than two tables, which means that the subsidiary’s sales and earnings will be adversely affected. Magnitude of the consequences are difficult to estimate.

“We believe that this act of Microgaming is a clear illegality of discrimination. The subsidiary exploring ways to take action to curb the rule change.”

We’ll have more on this story as we get it.