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CPPT VI - Golden Gates Casino

$600 No-Limit Hold'em


Matt Solano Eliminated In 20th Place ($1,684)

Matt Solano got all-in preflop for his last chips with the A3. He got called by an opponent with the AK. The board ran out J108JK and Solano was eliminated in 20th place, earning $1,684.

Pennsylvania Tops Nevada In U.S. Gambling Tax Revenue

State Leads Because Of Higher Tax Rates


Of the 22 states that currently collect casino tax revenue, Pennsylvania, not Nevada, is leading the way, taking in $1.456 billion in 2011. Though Nevada remains the largest gaming market in the U.S., it ranked second for tax revenue thanks to a much lower tax rate, generating $865.25 million for the Silver State. Indiana ranked third.

Pennsylvania taxes at a rate of 55 percent for gross slot machine revenue and 16 percent for table games revenue. Nevada’s rate tops out at just 6.75 percent, though an additional 1 percent may be imposed by various counties and municipalities.

Indiana, which will soon take a hit from brand new casinos opening in neighboring Ohio, took in a total of $846.37 million for the state, which taxes at a graduated rate of 15 to 40 percent of gross gaming revenue and takes an additional $3 per patron as an admissions tax for their riverboat and land-based casinos. Racinos, or race books with slot machines, take a graduated rate of 25 to 35 percent.

In 2011, commercial casinos contributed a total of $7.93 billion in gaming taxes to 22 states, which represented an overall increase of 4.5 percent over 2010. The growth was largely attributed to new casinos in Maryland, Kansas and New York.

Here is a look at the numbers, which show total gaming tax rates and revenue for each state.

State Tax Rate Tax Revenue
Pennsylvania 55% table games, 16% slot machines $1.456 B
Nevada Graduated up to 7.75% $865.25 M
Indiana Graduated up to 40% $846.37 M
New York 47% $593.4 M
Louisiana 21.5% or $60 M, whichever is greater $573.19 M
Illinois Graduated up to 50% $489.42 M
Missouri 21% $484.83 M
West Virginia 42% $406.46 M
Iowa Graduated up to 24% $321.53 M
Michigan 19% $320.67 M
Rhode Island 27.53% $308.71 M
New Jersey 8% $277.6 M
Mississippi Graduated up to 12% $274.42 M
Delaware 42% $230.16 M
Florida 35% $143.6 M
Colorado Graduated up to 20% $102.17 M
Maryland 57% $89.53 M
New Mexico 26% $64.72 M
Maine 43% $29.06 M
Oklahoma Graduated up to 30% $18.3 M
South Dakota 9% $16.36 M
Kansas 27% $13.08 M



over 5 years ago

in the article you say Pennsylvania 16% table games, 55% slot machines, but in the chart you say the exact opposite, why?