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Viktor Blom Takes On Isaac Haxton In Epic Poker Duel

Blom And Haxton Go Heads Up In A SuperStar Showdown Like None Before


Credit: PokerStarsComing on Saturday, Mar. 31 at 1 p.m. (ET) is a SuperStar Showdown of epic proportions. Viktor “Isildur1” Blom and Isaac “philivey2694” Haxton will face each other once again on the virtual felt, but this time the rules have changed.

Both online phenomenons will each put down $500,000 and play indefinitely until one of them holds it all. The blinds will be $200-$400 and the game will be no-limit hold’em.

Normally these heads-up Showdowns end after 2,500 hands or indeed if someone wins the regular $150,000. However if no one is the winner after four hours on Saturday, they will continue the next day, and the day after that for four hours per day until either Blom or Haxton has the whole $1 million and someone is left with nothing.

This could be perfect revenge for Blom who has been beaten by Haxton in two previous SuperStar Showdowns. It could also go the other way once again, pushing Haxton’s profit from the matches sky high.

Whatever happens, poker fans can catch all the action by using the “Search for a Team PokerStars Pro” function in the PokerStars lobby to find where Isildur1 is sitting.



9 years ago

Is there a link somewhere to the top hands from this match? I just saw this link and wished i could have watched it live, but i would still like to read about the recap..