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PartyGaming Named In Megaupload Indictment

Company Paid Over $3 Million For Advertisements According To Authorities


Online gaming giant PartyGaming has been named in the Megaupload indictment which recently resulted in the shut down of what was one of the world’s largest file hosting websites.

According to the indictment, PartyGaming paid more than $3 million to Megaupload since late 2009.

It says in a section titled “Third Parties”: “PartyGaming plc is a company based in the United Kingdom that has operated since 2001. has more than 3 million visitors annually and is one of the largest online poker rooms. PartyGaming’s advertising contract with the members of Mega Conspiracy was initiated on or about November 12, 2009 and has resulted in payments of more than $3,000,000 to the Conspiracy. The contract was still active as recently as on or about March 18,2011.”

Other “third party” companies named in the indictment include PayPal and Moneybookers.

The document claims Megaupload made money in two ways: from premium subscriptions and online advertsing.