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Poker Pros File Complaint Against Ultimate Bet's Excapsa Software

Plaintiffs Include Daniel Ashman, Brad Booth, Tom Koral and Dustin Woolf


On January 13th, a group of eight high-stakes poker pros filed a complaint with the Regulated Industries Complaints Office in the U.S. Central District Court of California against 6356095 Canada, Inc, formerly known as Excapsa Software, the Canadian parent company of UB.

The eight pros, who include lead plaintiff Daniel Ashman, Brad Booth, Dustin Woolf, Tom Koral and Dan Smith, are claiming that UB owners stole a reported $20 million from the poker community, including $2 million from the plaintiffs alone.

According to the complaint, “Excapsa/UltimateBet did conspire to and did direct, effect, and permit the theft of over $2 million held in plaintiffs’ online poker accounts at” They went on to say that, “by creating and making use of an intentional security flaw in the software” UB “allowed others to or did directly view plaintiffs hole cards during high-stakes poker matches run at”

The eight pros seek damages and injunctive relief, citing interference with prospective economic advantage, emotional distress, fraud and unfair business practices.



9 years ago

They didnt steal. UB just had a better hand.... though it was kind of a slow roll :)


9 years ago

But wait, there is no cheating in online poker right? Isnt that the rant that our new hall of famer went on in this publication a couple years ago? She went on quite a tear about how people who complain about cheating were wrong. Really? Now we have another suit claiming cheating. On top of that we have FullTilt as a company cheating. Oh yes Linda, there is a whole lot of cheating going on online.