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Euro Poker Tweets Of The Week

Lovely Liv Boeree Switches The Felt For The Mic


Credit: Neil StoddartLate this week all the familiar names seemed to be either coming from the PCA or arriving at the Aussie Millions. There are those hopping straight from one into the other but others are taking the time to enjoy the surroundings and have some fun.

David Williams recently wrote, “I’m playing a private cash game in Bahamas on a yacht…here is my stack. 32k.” He linked to a picture of a rather big pile of chips. It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it!

Liv Boeree has been busy making last longers and taking on challenges. However, her loss is everyone’s entertainment. JC Alvarado tweeted, “Payed $100 for a dance yesterday. Not a stripper. I challenged @liv_boeree to dance alone like a maniac for 15 mins. Gained a lot of respect” Boeree replied, “oh god I forgot about that. Why would I ever agree to that”

Sorel Mizzi managed to get her involved in a food side bet. On Jan. 13 he wrote, “@liv_boeree I think I’m ready for a 1 month long no meat bet (excluding fish). U down? $200 to other person per meat dish ate.” Boeree replied, “yeah I’m down for it. Starting Monday please? Hard to do it whilst in Bahamas.” However, a slight hitch occurred today with Mizzi tweeting, “@liv_boeree can we start on feb 1st instead?I realized I’m in australia and its difficult to have a fine dining experience at kokos w/o meat”

The British poker champ then got herself into more hot water, but all in the name of fun. “For some reason I just agreed to a ridiculous last longer bet in the ladies event with @VanessaRousso…” she wrote yesterday. “…Whoever loses has to sing the other’s national anthem over the intercom in the main PCA tourney room”

Vanessa Rousso celebrated her win, writing, “Uh huh oh yea!! (insert virtual victory dance here!!) I just beat Liv in the last longer and now she’s warming up her vocal cords!! Weee! :)” While Boeree only had this to say – “Busted the ladies. Fml. #icantsing”

Check back next week to find out who’s winning, who’s losing, who’s betting and who’s having the most fun on the international poker circuit.