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Patrick Poels Wins $1K Seven-Card Stud 8/OB

Poels Takes Home Bracelet in $1K Seven-Card Stud Eight-or-Better Event

$1,000 Seven-Card Stud Eight-or-Better (Event #35) Final Table
The $1,000 seven-card stud eight-or-better event marked the fourth final table appearance of the 2006 World Series for Jeff Madsen. Despite being the short stack coming into action, fans crowded along the rails to see if the twenty-one year old could win his third gold bracelet.

Of the original starting field of 788, the chip counts for the eight remaining players were as follows:
1. Greg Dinkin - $259,000 (Seat 4)
2. Rod Pardey - $210,000 (Seat 7)
3. William "Bill" Edler - $191,000 (Seat 1)
4. Mark Bershad - $110,000 (Seat 8)
5. Patrick Poels - $109,000 (Seat 2)
6. Hoyt Verner - $103,000 (Seat 6)
7. Leo Fasen - $102,000 (Seat 5)
8. Jeff Madsen - $99,000 (Seat 3)

The first cards hit the air at 4:11 p.m. PDT. Shortly after the start time the action moved to $3,000 antes, $3,000 bring ins, and $8,000 - $16,000 stakes.

Mark Bershad supplied the first bustout of the day. His two pair and deuce-to-seven low scooped the pot against Leo Fasen's pair of queens, and Fasen hit the rails in eighth place ($17,927).

Fifteen minutes later, Bershad continued to shorten the field when his ace-high diamond flush bested Ron Pardey's trip kings. Pardey exited the tournament as the seventh place finisher ($25,098).

Hoyt Verner became the second player to exit via a flush. He moved all in showing Ac Ah Jd 7s 6s and Greg Dinkin called with Qdiamond 10diamond 9diamond 5diamond 2diamond. The Aspade sixth street and 5club seventh street offered no help, and Dinkin's flush sent Verner home in sixth place ($32,269)

After losing a big pot to Madsen, Bill Edler moved all in with a straight draw against Patrick Poels. Poels made two pair on sixth street and Edler's missed straight made him the fifth place finisher ($39,439).

With two eliminations to his name, Bershad was an integral part of the next bustout, expect he was on the receiving end. His jacks and tens ran into Dinkin's aces and fours. Not making the low, Bershad's day ended with a fourth place finish ($49,479).

Madsen's run at a record tying third bracelet in one Series came to an end at 1:30 p.m. PDT. The player being called "boy wonder" survived most of the night on a short stack, but finally went down when his pair of jacks ran into Poels' pair of aces. The third place finish ($65,971) gave Madsen two first place and third place finishes for the 2006 WSOP.

In a heads up match that saw few hands go beyond fourth street, the turning point occurred when Dinkin, showing 10heart 9spade 7spade5club, mucked his hole cards to Poels' (Aheart Kclub 5heart 2spade) set of kings. The pot put Poels over $1,000,000 and left Dinkin with less than $200,000 in chips.

Short stacked, Dinkin pushed the all in with 10heart 9spade 7spade 5club and Poels made the call showing Kspade Qheart Qspade Jheart. After the river card, Poels called his hand as a pair of queens with no low. Dinkin showed a pair of nines as his best hand and Poels eliminated him from the tournament.

Dinkins' second place finish paid $102,542 in prize money.

Poels, who won last year's $1,500 Omaha eight-or-better event, took home his second WSOP bracelet and a $172,091 first place cash prize.

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