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Pamela Anderson and Doyle Brunson Wed at WSOP

Anderson Appeared at the Rio to Celebrate the Launch of


Pamela Anderson showed up at the Rio in Vegas today wearing white, a diamond-studded veil, and carrying a bouquet of pink roses, but Kid Rock was nowhere in sight. Instead, standing next to her under the hot lights and blazing flashbulbs was poker great Doyle Brunson, who hasn't worn a grin so big since he won his last World Series of Poker main event bracelet back in 1977, the year Anderson turned 10.

The pair were there to announce the launch of, the newest member of the Doyle Brunson Poker Network, which includes Brunson's signature site, The site is now up and running.

Pamela Anderson and Doyle Brunson "wed" at the Rio Las Vegas has been in the works for about a year now, and everything fell together in the last six months with the help of a friend of Anderson's who also happens to work for Brunson's poker network. Anderson's father, whom the blonde knockout described as a great fan of poker, also had something to do with this hookup.

"My dad's a huge fan of Doyle's, and if I was going to do this with anyone, it had to be with him," Anderson said. "If you're going to do it, do it right and go straight to the top."

She likened her partnership with Brunson to the one she shared with Hugh Hefner, who played a huge part in Anderson's fame by featuring her in Playboy Magazine. She said both of the men are the best in their fields, and she doesn't work with anyone except the best.

Anderson, who said she is facing three wedding ceremonies in the next few weeks - all to her former and current fiance, Kid Rock - added a huge flash of celebrity to the already bright and wild WSOP, which has been going on since late June. The first day of the $10,000 main event starts Friday.

Dozens of fans bypassed booths promoting other online sites and tried to get into the press conference held to announce the "wedding" between Anderson and Brunson. A table and two chairs sat on a stage in front of a great white sheet and when the two celebrities came out, most of the press jumped to their feet and sent their cameras shuttering.

"It was very exciting when we got the word that we could do business with Pamela," Brunson said. "Obviously, everyone is impressed with Pam that meets Pam. We're really thrilled about it." will offer the same poker games as, which are hold'em, Omaha, stud, and badugi. The room will also hold tournaments and the site will hold at least $3 million in guaranteed tournaments each month.

Like Brunson's site, players are welcomed to with a video featuring the site's namesake. In the video, Anderson explains that she's new to the game of poker and encourages new players to follow her footsteps and learn how to play with her. At the press conference, Anderson said she plans on becoming the best player out there.

"Look who's my teacher," she said, giving Brunson a hug.

Unlike Brunson's site, Anderson's features a page dedicated to pictures of the superstar model. For fans, this page is alone worth a visit.

At the end of the conference, both the stars stood under banners that were set up to unroll with the tug of a ribbon. When Brunson and Anderson stood to unravel the signs, the cameramen practically ignored Brunson and focused all their lenses on Anderson. When she pulled her ribbon, the clasps holding her banner gave way and it fell on top of her. Unfazed, she then stood with her back to the crowd and tossed her bouquet of pink roses to the crowd, as if she was at a real wedding. A guy with a goatee caught it.

Anderson's site can be found at