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Euro Poker Tweets Of The Week

Ladies Take Over World Series While Euros Take Over Full Tilt Affairs


Things have been pretty hectic of late as the World Series of Poker approaches its main event. There is no concept of dates or time during the Series at the Rio, just what number event it is or how many photographs are now pinned to the back of the stage.

This week has definitely been an interesting one both at the Rio and across the world of Twitter. The two main areas of focus were the Full Tilt saga and the ladies event, or I should say, the annual controversy surrounding men playing in the ladies event.

Many men took their seats in the $1,000 buy-in ladies event, some came as they were, some wore pink shirts, while others went all out having raided their mothers’ wardrobes. As each male busted, the crowd erupted in applause. This vibe carried through to Twitter where comments were much like David Benefield’s — “Seems pretty stupid that guys are playing the ladies event. Get a life”

Lex Veldhuis tweeted, “Again I wish a lot of misery and 2 outters on every dude that entered the Ladies Event. Good luck to the other players” and “There is something wrong with the law if we can’t keep men out of ladies events and something even more wrong with the men who play them.”

Jeff Madsen was busy pretending to tweet from the felt of the ladies event with stories of crazy play and random acts of stupidity. Afterwards he wrote, “just need to say that its embarassing how ppl kept thinking i was actualy playing the ladies event, despite how ridiculous my tweets got..”

Vanessa Selbst had a suggestion to help keep men away from the event, “I had an idea with @scottseiver how to get men to stop playing ladies events: advertise them as 10k buyin tourney and women get 90% off.”

Before play actually began there was a tribute to the female champions of poker, old and new, plus a surprise flash mob highlighting a cheesy case of girl power featuring the tunes of Beyonce, The Weather Girls, and Lady Gaga. Keeping that in mind, plus the fact New Kids On The Block are actually in town to play a one-night only show with the Backstreet Boys, Adam Levy recently wrote, “Anyone playing the $1k down for a flash mob today??? I’m in for New Kids on the Block “Hangin’ Tough”

Before moving on to the next episode of the Full Tilt drama, there was one tweet, which stood out yesterday related to the ladies event, which was also retweeted by Levy — Shana Matthews wrote, “A woman just doubled up & cried. Yesterday a woman threw up on the table. I just don’t know why they don’t put the ladies tournament on TV.”

On Jun. 29 Full Tilt had its entire online operation suspended by the Alderney Gambling Control Commission. The same day, high-profile poker player and former Full Tilt pro, Tom Dwan tweeted, “Some pretty objective ppl who’s opinions I respect are worried now that FT can’t payout or find a buyer. Me too more I think about it” and “I’m pretty sick about all this. Its ridiculous that players weren’t paid weeks ago. I feel pretty sick to my stomach.” He then added, “Just heard some rly good news that I’d love to trust, gonna go to sleep instead of making my head explode w/ various extrapolations.”

The following day the news broke that a group of European investors had agreed to put up enough money to cash out players and to also help the site settle its civil case with the United States Department of Justice. Dwan’s mood took a turn for the better — “Btw to anyone who didn’t see; latimes jus ran a story about ftp selling… Wheeee good news ;)” He later wrote, “Ima sleep soooo good tonight”

Among the many others tweeting and retweeting the news was Kathy Liebert. She said, “Just heard breaking news Full Tilt sold and will be paying Us our money”

Bringing the two themes together was one tweet “conversation”, which went like this. Erick Lindgren: “If u are a man and played the ladies event today u need to take a long look in the mirror. Remember objects are smaller than they appear” Grant Hinkle’s response: “Same for players that endorse Full Tilt?”

Euro Poker Tweets of The Week will be bringing you more from Vegas and the World Series next week as the Twitter pages are taken over by the most prestigious festival in poker.



11 years ago

Things aren’t turning out to be sunshine and butterflies for online poker in the US. With Fulltilt Poker facing court procedures for blocking over 13000 players from accessing their own money, operations having come to a close. American players, desperate to get things even, have sued Fulltilt for refund while the European poker sites have been enticing those left-out’s with enticing offers. The greatest gainers so far have been 888poker and Partypoker, as the Fulltilt and pokerstars are shifting alliance from previous unregulated and risky sites towards legal sites that offer security and long term play. Listed in the London Stock Exchange 888poker has been converting a lot of ex-FTPians, who are looking for a chance to play legal where there are no chances for Black Friday.