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Nevada Online Poker Bill Signed by Governor

Measure to be Enacted Once Federal Legislation Passes


After numerous amendments in its path through the Nevada legislature, Assembly Bill 258, which gives the Nevada Gaming Commission the authority to adopt regulations for internet poker, was signed into law by Governor Brian Sandoval late last week.

AB 258’s purpose is to put the Silver State first in line to adopt regulations for internet poker once federal legislation is passed or the U.S. Department of Justice determines that operating interactive gaming is permissible under the law.

Multiple attempts are underway in Washington D.C. to push federal legislation through, and if eventually successful, the Nevada Gaming Commission could begin to issue licenses to qualifying casinos for internet card playing.

Gov. Sandoval signing the bill comes as no surprise to Assembly Chairman William Horne, sponsor of the legislation. Horne has said in the past that he had fully expected the bill to pass smoothly through the legislature and meet no resistance from the governor.



almost 8 years ago

In the meantime,President Obama could stop this black friday bullshit by issuing an executive order to the DOJ to cease enforcement of the UIGEA like he did the DOMA.

Please go to the link below and sign the Petition for him to do just that. Also check out the comments of the signees.




almost 8 years ago

Wait guys!!! Everything goes according to the plan. First - shut down FTP and Stars. Next - pass the Neveda online poker bill. After that - pass the Federal Law that will allow US players to play online on sites that are supervised/owned by big LV casinos with Neveda Gambling Commision license(Not bad idea by the way, at list we will be sure that our money is safe, card dealing if honest, and every other hand is NOT a bad beat). And AMERICAN companies will have a big chunk of Billions of $$ that are now made by some off shore BS companies. I am for it.