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European Poker Tour -- San Remo Day 4

Joe Cada and Maxim Lykov Still in the Hunt in Italy


Joe Cada Charged near the Top on Day 4 in ItalyDay 4 at the European Poker Tour San Remo no-limit hold’em main event welcomed back 60 players and by the end of the night just the final 24 remained. Those finalists will return tomorrow to play down to the final table of eight and among them are Team PokerStars pro members Maxim Lykov (1,722,000) and Joseph Cada (1,619,000).

The overnight chip leader is Nicolas Yunis with 2,281,000. Some notables who were lost along the way today in Italy included Fabrice Soulier, David Vamplew, Team Pokerstars Hungary pro Richard Toth and Stefan Huber.

You can see the chip counts for all of the survivors below. The field will play down to the final television table of eight on Monday. You can follow along with all of the action on the PokerStars blog feed. Check back in tomorrow evening for another summary of the day here on Card Player. Here is a look at the tournament statistics from day 4:

Hand of the Day:

Ludovic Lacay Eliminated in 39th Place (€20,000)

Roberto Spada raised to 60,000 preflop under the gun and Ludovic Lacay made the call from the big blind. The flop fell QHeart Suit 6Diamond Suit 5Club Suit and Lacay checked. Spada bet 125,000 and Lacay check-raised to 315,000. Spada reraised all in and Lacay made the all-in call. Their cards:

Lacay: 6Heart Suit 5Heart Suit
Spada: KClub Suit KSpade Suit

Turn and River: 4Heart Suit and 4Spade Suit

Lacay was eliminated on the hand in 39th place in a way that can only be described as gross and he will take home €20,000 in prize money.

Official Day 4 Chip Counts:

1 Nicolas Yunis 2,281,000
2 Rupert Elder 1,894,000
3 Luigi Pignataro 1,796,000
4 Max Lykov 1,722,000
5 Joe Cada 1,619,000
6 Nicola Grieco 1,615,000
7 Andrew Teng 1,600,000
8 Massimiliano Manigrasso 1,560,000
9 Diego Bolzoni 1,552,000
10 Max Heinzelmann 1,445,000
11 Roberto Spada 1,400,000
12 Costantino Russo 1,237,000
13 Luca Cavecchi 1,224,000
14 Marco Bognanni 1,211,000
15 Fabrizio Cataldi 1,198,000
16 Xuan Liu 1,187,000
17 Antonino Venneri 1,055,000
18 Kamal Choraria 949,000
19 Luciano Longhitano 823,000
20 David Lichentin 765,000
21 Freddy Darakjian 500,000
22 Nicola Boldini 430,000
23 Marco Fabbrini 263,000
24 Francesco De Vivo 155,000

Remaining Prize Pool:

1 €930,000
2 €600,000
3 €360,000
4 €290,000
5 €220,000
6 €170,000
7 €125,000
8 €81,950
9-10 €50,000
11-12 €40,000
13-14 €35,000
15-16 €30,000
17-24 €25,000

Day 4 Cashes:

25th. Antonio Russo, Italy, €22,500
26th. Dario Nittolo, Italy, €22,500
27th. Nicolino Di Carlo, Italy, €22,500
28th. Stefan Huber, Switzerland, PokerStars player, €22,500
29th. Giuseppe Caciolo, Italy, €22,500
30th. Paul Ribaud, France, €22,500
31st. Riccardo Lacchinelli, Italy, €22,500
32nd. Arturo Pierantoni, Italy, €22,500
33rd. Georgios Manousos, Greece, €20,000
34th. Rocco Palumbo, Italy, €20,000
35th. Kimmo Kurko, Finland, €20,000
36th. Leonid Bilokur, Russia, €20,000
37th. Brian Roberts, United States, €20,000
38th. Rainer Emde, Germany, €20,000
39th. Ludovic Lacay, France, €20,000
40th. Paolo Rigano, Italy, €20,000
41st. Anthony Picault, France, €17,500
42nd. Maurizio Sepede, Italy, €17,500
43rd. Vegard Nygaard, Norway, PokerStars qualifier, €17,500
44th. Germano Martucci, Italy, €17,500
45th. Gerardo Godinez Estrada, Mexico, €17,500
46th. Daniel Haglund, Sweden, PokerStars qualifier, €17,500
47th. Claudio Marino, Italy, €17,500
48th. Fabrice Soulier, France, €17,500
49th. Francesco Delfoco, Italy, €15,000
50th. Cole Robinson, United States, €15,000
51st. Richard Toth, Hungary, Team PokerStars Pro, €15,000
52nd. David Vamplew, United Kingdom, €15,000
53rd. Francesco Nguyen, Italy, €15,000
54th. Xia Lin, Italy, €15,000
55th. Antonio De Salvo, Italy, PokerStars qualifier, €15,000
56th. Giacomo Massimiliano Scola, €15,000
57th. Armando Masini, Italy, €15,000
58th. Daniel Sjogren, Sweden, €15,000
59th. Stefano Garbarino, Italy, €15,000
60th. Gianluca Bernardini Benvenuto, Italy, €15,000