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North American Poker Tour -- Mohegan Sun Day 3

Vanessa Selbst is on Top Once Again in Connecticut


Vanessa SelbstDay 3 at the PokerStars North American Poker Tour Mohegan Sun no-limit hold’em main event welcomed back 74 players and by the end of the night just the final 24 remained. The money bubble burst on Monday and now the remaining players will be looking to play deep into the money.

Chief among them is the current chip leader and defending NAPT Mohegan Sun champion Vanessa Selbst. The Team PokerStars pro defeated a field of 716 players to take home the top prize of $750,000 last year in Connecticut and she could complete the rare repeat victory if she wins again this year. She has made a strong early run at that achievement as she takes 1,406,000 into day 4 tomorrow.

Her toughest competition remaining in the event includes Adam Geyer, Steve O’Dwyer, Joe Tehan, Dan Shak, Eric Froehlich, Olivier Busquet, and Nenad Medic. There is just one fellow millionaire in the chip standings at this point and that player is Vincent Rubianes with 1,023,000.

Day 4 will feature intense poker action from deep in the tournament on the PokerStars blog feed. Check back in tomorrow evening for another summary of the day here on Card Player. Here is a look at the tournament statistics from day 3:

Day 3 Chip Counts:

Vanessa Selbst USA Team PokerStars USA 1406000
Vincent Rubianes USA 1023000
Aaron Overton USA 907000
Jacobo Fernandez USA 813000
Adam Geyer USA 803000
Thomas Hoglund Jr. USA 629000
Steve O’Dwyer USA 507000
Joe Tehan USA 490000
Dan Shak USA 488000
Tyler Kenney USA 478000
Eric Froehlich USA 420000
Chris Tryba USA 361000
Olivier Busquet USA 356000
Corey Hochman USA 355000
Kyle Loman USA 340000
Jean-Philippe Matte Canada 331000
Nenad Medic Canada 330000
Philippe Plouffe Canada 293000
Taylor von Kriegenbergh USA 289000
Sukh Sandhu Canada 267000
Ara Melikian USA 233000
Jonathan Schroer USA 231000
Joseph Gibbons USA 179000
David Stefanski USA 162000

Day 3 Cashes:

25. Leonard Cortellino, USA, $10,500
26. Gerald Aiello, USA, $10,500
27. Eracles Panayiotou, USA, $10,500
28. Ruben Costa, USA, $10,500
29. Adam Junglen, USA, $10,500
30. Joseph Ebanks, USA, $10,500
31. Victor Ramdin, USA, Team PokerStars Pro, $10,500
32. Matt Matros, USA, $10,500
33. Bryan Leskowitz, USA, $9,000
34. Andrew Mermelstein, USA, $9,000
35. Christopher Kirkwood, USA, $9,000
36. Andrew Weisner, USA, $9,000
37. David Weisberger, USA, $9,000
38. Lonnie Heimowitz, USA, $9,000
39. Joe Sweeney, USA, $9,000
40. David Whalen, USA, $9,000
41. Ludovic Lachance, Canada, $7,500
42. Lee Markholt, USA, $7,500
43. Jeff Papola, USA, $7,500
44. Michael Quibble, USA, $7,500
45. Daniel Pagliaro, USA, $7,500
46. Jesse Kremer, USA, $7,500
47. Jerry Wong, USA, $7,500
48. Gil George, USA, $7,500
49. Greg DeBora, Canada, Team PokerStars Pro, $7,500
50. Greg Ostrander, USA, $7,500
51. Chris Dombrowski, USA, $7,500
52. Bernard Lee, USA, $7,500
53. Tim Sullivan, Cayman Islands, $7,500
54. Ronald Eaton, USA, $7,500
55. Shawn Berg, USA, $7,500
56. Mike Beasley, USA, $7,500

Hand of the Day:

Vanessa Selbst Takes the Chip Lead

Olivier Busquet raised to 21,000 under the gun and Vincent Rubianes reraised to 51,000 from the cutoff. Vanessa Selbst then reraised to 109,000 and Busquet mucked. Rubianes made the call and the flop fell 10Club Suit 5Diamond Suit 2Club Suit.

Selbst bet 129,000 and Rubianes made the call before the JClub Suit fell on the turn. Both players checked and the 3Club Suit followed on the river. Rubianes checked and Selbst bet 294,000. Rubianes made the call after some thought but he quickly mucked when Selbst flipped over KClub Suit KSpade Suit.

She won the hand and grew her stack to 1.4 million to take the chip lead. Rubianes dropped to a little more than a million.